A Good Resource for Requesting a Prophetic Word

A Good Resource for Requesting a Prophetic Word | Millennials with Meaning
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Nothing encourages me more than prophetic words. NOTHING.

My love language is words of affirmation, and nobody knows how to affirm his people better than the Lord does!

I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but three years ago I had never received a prophetic word from anyone other than myself. I yearned to receive a gift of this kind, but I didn’t have anybody around me who gave words and I didn’t know where to find anyone who might.

God had been speaking to me for a few years, but I longed for confirmation from someone else on what I was hearing. Oftentimes it’s easier for me to trust what somebody else is hearing from the Lord, especially a stranger, because I know they don’t have the biases I do. I mean, I know what I want to hear…so when I hear it, can I trust that it’s actually God and not me? But if someone else says it, I know it’s God.

I prayed for God to send a prophet into my life for three months. One night, out of the blue, a friend and I randomly got into a discussion – on jewelry, of all things – in which she mentioned she was pretty sure she had a prophetic gift. I told her I thought I might, too. By the time our conversation was over, she had given me a prophetic word that completely lined up with what I was hearing – something I hadn’t told her about in advance. Nothing could have been a greater encouragement to me.

I’ve received a few more prophetic words since then (In the past few weeks of being at BSSM, I’ve gotten more than in my entire life combined!) and all of them have been incredibly life-giving, but there has still been a hunger in my heart for more.

A while back, before I started school, I was feeling especially discouraged, and I Googled “free prophetic word” because I was desperate. As a prophetic person, it’s common to wonder, Am I totally crazy? Am I really hearing from God? It’s not that uncommon for other people to wonder the same thing when I tell them some of the things I hear. 😂

Father’s Heart Ministry

My search brought me to Russ and Kitty Walden’s website, Father’s Heart Ministry. They were the only prophets I’d seen endorsed elsewhere – on The Elijah List – so I decided it was worth a shot. (There are plenty of weird ones out there, so I wanted to be sure to avoid those.) I put in a request for a prophetic word from their ministry…and then I waited a month for it to arrive.

It was worth the wait. They sent me probably the most encouraging word I’ve ever received, and I promptly send them a donation. (Hey, I had to make sure they were legit first!) 😂

Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks later, they sent me another prophetic word! This time a different person from their volunteer team prophesied over me. The two words complemented one another and both felt relevant. They both resonated with me.

I was really surprised when I received a third word last week, from a third person. It had been months! I don’t know if this is typical or if God was just reminding me that he’s still speaking and he hasn’t forgotten me, but after receiving three different prophetic words from the same ministry (as well as reading one a friend received), I feel like I can confidently recommend this ministry.

None of the words I’ve received contradicted scripture in any way, and much of them directly quoted Scripture. (They didn’t list out the references – and there were a lot – but I recognized many of them throughout the paragraphs they sent, and as I continued to research, I found even more Scripture hidden in my prophetic words than I initially realized.)

Everything was uplifting, encouraging, and helpful. Simply put, it was exactly what I needed.

I’ve wanted to make a recommendation in the past for a place people can get personal prophetic words, but this is the first resource I’m aware of that I know is legit and that I can recommend. I know many of you are like me and are hungering for a prophet to speak into your life but don’t know where to go. Now you have an option!

Father’s Heart Ministry also delivers daily corporate prophetic words that I’ve found encouraging. (You will be added to their e-mail list when you request a personal prophetic word, but you can also read the daily posts on their blog.)

This post isn’t sponsored in any way and I don’t know these people, but if you benefit from their ministry, I encourage you to give them a donation if you are able. They offer prophetic words for free, but their ministry is funded by donations and I know the words I have received are well worth a financial contribution.

If you’re longing for a word from the Lord like I have been on so many occasions, I hope this resource blesses you, and I pray God will surround you with a prophetic community to speak into your life!

Do you know of any other resources to request prophetic words? Help us all out and include your suggestions below in the comments!

A Good Resource for Requesting a Prophetic Word | Millennials with Meaning
A Good Resource for Requesting a Prophetic Word

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A Good Resource for Requesting a Prophetic Word

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  1. brian stokes

    The most Gifted Prophet I have come across on the internet is Steven Svec for a personal prophetic word. His website is propheticinsights4u.com and he does ask for a donation for his services but I promise you is well worth it and very encouraging as he spoke and revealed secrets that only I knew about and the Lord. He has I think like 7 or 8 different prophecy options to choose from from every arena of your life and has truly been a blessing to me and many of my Christian friends. His ministry has been proven track record for many years and just read all the testimonies on his website will encourage to give his Gifting from God a chance to bring Hope into anyone’s situation, highly recommend at least from my personal experience with him.

    1. millennialswithmeaning

      Thanks for the recommendation! I am not familiar with him, but it’s always helpful to hear a testimonial when it comes to prophetic voices!

  2. Andjela

    my name is Andjela Lucic.I am born 17 April 1994 at 8 am in town Niksic country Montenegro.I need prophetic word from God if you can please send it is urgent

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