“Millennials are the laziest generation of them all,” many claim.

We want to prove them wrong…or at least be the exceptions to the stereotype.

“Everything is meaningless,” a well-known man once wrote.

We desperately hope that isn’t true. In fact, we’re sure it isn’t. (Just like these guys.)

We are millennials. No matter how you define us (Researchers disagree on which birth years to include in the millennial generation, so birth dates potentially range from the early 80s to the mid-2000s), we’re different than any generation before.

We are millennials who seek meaning. From our relationships to our careers to our calendars, we want to live lives of purpose, on purpose. We hunger for truth and strive for integrity. What we really want, more than anything, is to make our lives count, and we believe there is meaning to be found in our moments, from the magnificent to the mundane.


I’m Brianna, creator and commentator, a stereotypical firstborn and a stubborn introvert compelled to write honest, personal things even though I’d prefer to stay in obscurity. I’m a journalism grad, former photographer and HR rep, moonlight baker, and grad school dropout. I just turned 30 and I happily reside in my parents’ basement, where the rent’s the right price and the roommates aren’t bad, either.

My mission is to inspire millennials to retain their morality, hope and faith as they transition into adulthood and full-fledged “adult.”

P.S. I also have a recipe blog if you’re a fellow foodie or sugar addict!