What’s Your Personality Type? {Part Three: The Five Love Languages}

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What's Your Personality Type? {Part Three: The Five Love Languages} | Millennials with Meaning

What’s your love language?

You probably saw that question coming since it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we’ve been talking about different personality assessments each week. No better time to introduce this one!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Five Love Languages, they come from Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. Originally published in 1990, the book has become a popular communication resource for couples and people in general, outlining five different ways that we give and receive love.

Each of us has our preferred way to receive love (which is often – but not always – the same method we use to show love to others), but without knowing what someone else’s love language is, it can be hard to “speak their language” and interact with them in a way that makes them feel loved. We can “speak” our own love language all we want, but if the person we’re trying to communicate with doesn’t share that preferred language, they won’t feel very loved or appreciated.

The Five Love Languages are as follows:

ACTS OF SERVICE: You feel loved when others do things for you. Whether that means shoveling your driveway or preparing your favorite meal, helpful and thoughtful actions are the way to your heart.

GIFTS: You feel loved when others give you gifts. These gifts don’t have to be big or extravagant – even the smallest present can make you feel loved as long as you know it was selected just for you.

PHYSICAL TOUCH: You feel loved when others touch you. You’re probably a hugger and you likely express yourself through physical touch in your daily interactions with people.

QUALITY TIME: You feel loved when others spend time with you. It means a lot to you when your loved ones set aside time in their calendars specifically for you, even if that just means sitting on the couch and talking.

WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: You feel loved when others speak to you in an uplifting way. You don’t want false praise; you want genuine encouragement.

So which one are you? If you’ve never taken the official love languages quiz before, you can do so for free here!

As for me? No surprise here: I’m a words girl, all the way.

What’s Your Personality Type? {Part Three: The Five Love Languages}

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What’s Your Personality Type? {Part Three: The Five Love Languages}

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