Where to Find Prophetic Words

Last week I shared about my journey with prophecy and a glimpse at some of the prophetic words I’ve received from others. These words from the Lord are like gold to me, they’re so precious and filled with hope.

But where can you go to receive a prophetic word if nobody around you is offering you one?

Where to Find Prophetic Words | Millennials with Meaning

There are definitely websites out there that charge a fee for a prophecy. I’m not a fan of this concept. I don’t personally think God wants us asking for money in exchange for using our spiritual gifts – I don’t hear of anyone sending the church a bill after they teach at VBS or serve in the kitchen, either, nor do I think they should. You could probably argue this; it just doesn’t sit right with me to charge for prophetic words because it sounds an awful lot like using God for financial gain. I’m more of a “Do what God calls you to do and the reward will follow” type of person. (I believe that, like the Bible says, you reap what you sow.)

Anyway, even if there aren’t any prophets singling you out to give you personal words from the Lord, there are many prophets who regularly post corporate words on their websites and social media pages. Prophecies can be either individual or corporate; sometimes a prophecy is meant just for you and other times it applies to many people. In either case, it’s up to you to use your discernment in determining whether or not a word applies to you. Ask God if a word is for you, and allow him to be the judge!

I follow several prophetic people who regularly encourage me and give me insight both about what I’m experiencing and what is to come.

Two of my favorite sources are Charisma Magazine and Elijah List. Each of these publications highlights prophecies from a variety of well-respected prophetic people, usually on a daily basis. I read articles from these sites multiple times a week and look forward to each one!

Certain voices are regularly featured on one or both of these sites and especially resonate with me. These are my favorites for their accuracy, insight, and humility:

Joe Joe & Autumn Dawsonblog, YouTube

Cindy Jacobswebsite, Facebook

Nate & Christy Johnstonblog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

The Crowning Jewels – blog, Facebook

Kris Vallottonblog, Facebook, Instagram

Lana Vawserwebsite, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Ana Wernerwebsite, Facebook, YouTube

Those are my favorites right now, and I hope they encourage you too!

If you follow any other prophetic people who aren’t listed above and who you’d recommend, let us all know in the comments below!

Where to Find Prophetic Words

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Where to Find Prophetic Words

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