Five Ways God Speaks to You

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Five Ways God Speaks to You | Millennials with Meaning

Last week I shared my love for the Jesus Calling devotional and how it taught me to hear from God. It truly changed my life and opened up a new way for me to communicate with him that I had never experienced before.

But hearing isn’t the only way we can receive a message from God!

For starters, there’s the Bible. I may be stating the obvious, but the ultimate, infallible Word of God is definitely worth mentioning. Everything in the Bible was written for us, a love letter from God himself.

But God speaks to us in other ways, too.

A few months ago, I clicked on one of those strategically-targeted ads on social media because it intrigued me like few do. It was promoting an online course by Havilah Cunnington called “Prophetic Personalities.” I know the word “prophetic” might scare some people, but in its simplest form, prophecy is just hearing from God. We all hear from God in some way or another; we just don’t always recognize it. I sure didn’t!

On Havilah’s website, Truth to Table, there was a link to take a free prophetic personality quiz, so I, being a personality assessment enthusiast, immediately took it. After just a few questions, I received my results by e-mail. I was intrigued from the get-go, but as I continued reading about the course, I quickly decided to sign up. (It didn’t hurt that there was a discount code in my inbox, either!)

I really enjoyed and benefited from the course. Havilah outlines four “prophetic personalities”:

  1. The Hearer: hears God’s voice in words, possibly audibly but often inaudibly.
  2. The Feeler: feels and experiences the emotions of God and often takes on others’ emotions.
  3. The Seer: sees things in pictures, dreams, and visions.
  4. The Knower: just “knows” in his mind what’s true or right.

I am primarily a knower and didn’t fully realize this was a gift of mine before taking this course. I mean, I knew I knew things (Ha), but I didn’t realize that not everyone does. Most of the time, I thought it was just common sense. I’ll get a really clear sense in my head of what’s right or wrong, if my answer should be “yes” or “no,” and sometimes there’s just random knowledge that’s downloaded into my mind and seems very obvious to me without any outside evidence.

As I mentioned last week, though, I’ve learned to be a hearer. Jesus Calling taught me how to have ongoing, two-way conversations with God, and I’ve spent time practicing that, to the point where that has almost become the primary way God speaks to me. I’ve never heard God’s voice boom down audibly, but I hear his voice in my mind all the time and I try to write down what I hear as much as I can.

On less common occasions, I can be a feeler or a seer, too, but those aren’t my dominant types. You can be a mix of some or all – and probably are! – but if you’re like me, you probably have one or two ways that God speaks to you most. A few years ago, knowing would have definitely been at the top of my list and hearing would have been at the bottom. But things can change as you grow in your relationship with God and learn how to communicate with him in new ways!

The Prophetic Personalities course was really affirming to me because not only did it confirm how God had already been speaking to me over the course of my life (I just didn’t fully realize how much), but it gave me a new awareness of how he can speak to me in the future. And right now.

I highly recommend the course if you long for God to speak to you or if you wish he’d speak to you more. He’s always speaking; we just don’t always know we’re hearing him or how to listen!

God does speak to you, and you can receive what he is saying.

Let’s recap. God speaks to us in five ways:

  1. The Bible.
  2. A knowing.
  3. A feeling.
  4. A vision or dream.
  5. Words we hear.

What’s your default? How does God usually speak to you?

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Five Ways God Speaks to You

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Five Ways God Speaks to You

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  1. alma trevino

    I am all of the above since 9 years old. Now in my years its constant. See, hear, smell,speak the unspoken, feeling on skin, emotions of others, realms, in times, read minds, fire inside me, issachar anointing. Future, present, past, know when trouble is coming……… i feel like a freak, churches kick me out, power of healing, like I can resurrect the dead……….but have alot of tears……

    1. millennialswithmeaning

      That’s amazing, Alma! You aren’t a freak; you have a gift from God and you are precious to him! ❤️

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