What’s Your Personality Type? {Part Two: DISC}

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This post is part two of a series on personality. See part one here!

Last week I gushed over the Myers-Briggs and explained the basics of my favorite personality test. The MBTI is well-known, useful, and quite detailed since there are 16 different personality types in total.

The DISC is a little simpler, but it’s another favorite of mine that I use frequently when teaching GPS Life Journey classes.

What's Your Personality Type? {Part Two: DISC}

While the Myers-Briggs divides all of humanity into 16 types, the DISC only has four:

  1. D: Dominance
  2. I: Influence
  3. S: Steadiness
  4. C: Conscientiousness

These four types are so simple, in fact, that you may already have an idea of which category you fit into best. Or maybe you know these four types in different terms, like the four temperaments (choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholy) or animals (lion, otter, Golden Retriever, beaver).

Did anyone else ever read The Treasure Tree as a kid? I had no idea that book wasn’t just a simple story until I studied the DISC!

If you’re unsure which of the four types you might fall into, here are some common traits of each one:

DOMINANCE: authoritative, bold, competitive, confident, direct, independent, opinionated

INFLUENCE: energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, fun, impulsive, outgoing, spontaneous

STEADINESS: calm, loyal, patient, sensitive, sympathetic, thoughtful, warm

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS: careful, cautious, consistent, detailed, organized, perfectionistic, practical

Is your personality type becoming clearer to you? Even if you still aren’t sure which type best describes you, you probably have a few people in mind who fit right into some of these categories! 😊

The absolute best DISC assessment, in my opinion, actually comes with the GPS Life Journey workbook. (You can learn more about GPS here and my experience with it here.) Unfortunately, the assessment isn’t available for individual purchase, but I highly recommend taking the GPS course if you get the chance.

Fortunately, I have tracked down a few free assessments that can give you an idea of which DISC type you are. Here are a couple links to check out:

No matter which one(s) you choose to take, remember:

D = Dominance = Choleric = Lion
I = Influence = Sanguine = Otter
S = Steadiness = Phlegmatic = Golden Retriever
C = Conscientiousness = Melancholy = Beaver

Most of us have one primary personality type, followed by a secondary type (oftentimes this is our adapted type – it might not necessarily come naturally but we have gained these skills because of work, relationships, or life circumstances).

In GPS, we consider your DISC personality type to be the letter of your primary category followed by the letter of your secondary category. (For example, I am a CS, because I score highest in the conscientiousness category, with my scores in the steadiness category coming in second.) Keep in mind that D and S are opposites, as are I and C, so you can’t be a DS or an IC.

So there’s just one question left: what type are you? Let us all know in the comments below!

What’s Your Personality Type? {Part Two: DISC}

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What’s Your Personality Type? {Part Two: DISC}

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