My Favorite Bill Johnson Quotes from Second Year

My Favorite Bill Johnson Quotes from Second Year | Millennials with Meaning
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If you’ve ever listened to Bill Johnson speak, you know he’s a fountain of revelation because of all the time he spends with God and in the Word. Here are my favorite quotes from Second Year!

  • “Don’t let the resistance of anyone to any concept cool your affection for whatever God says.”
  • “We grieve [the Holy Spirit] when we do wrong things; we quench him when we fail to do the right things.”
  • “You know your prayers have hit the mark when your request turns to a profession of faith.”
  • “The word you need to decree the most is the one you believe in the least. The one you need to confess or decree the most is the one you feel least inspired to decree.”
  • “Perfectionism is religion. Excellence is kingdom.”
  • “Everything we do is out of fear or love, so find the place of a loving response, and it’ll help insulate you from the effect of fear.”
  • “If you pursue pleasing your enemies, you don’t please them or God.”
  • “You can burn yourself out doing ministry that looks like the will of God, but it’s not the will of God, because it doesn’t strengthen you when you do it.”
  • “The more frequently he speaks a word to you does not mean that’s the most important word of your life. You could have the same prophecy 50 times. It doesn’t mean it’s the most important. The most important might be something you heard only once.”
  • “If God repeats something to you over and over and over again, it’s usually because there’s a battle involved in the fulfillment of that word. It’s not because it’s more important; it’s just because there’s a greater battle involved.”
  • “Favor opens doors. Favor opens doors you’re not supposed to go through.”
  • “In the kingdom, what you sacrifice is where you get replenished with increase. Where you withhold is where what you have turns stale.”
  • “Faith doesn’t deny a problem’s existence. It denies the problem a place of influence.”
  • “Fear of rejection isn’t a worthwhile fear. It’s just not worthy of attention, because it’s going to happen, and sometimes rejection is the greatest gift you can have. Not being well-liked isn’t that bad. Jesus was perfect, and he was rejected. How could I think I could make it through life and not be rejected?”
  • “Busyness is artificial significance.”
  • “It’s impossible to pray and have nothing happen.”
  • “If you have struggled with the fear of man, it’s probably the distortion of a gift. God gave you a gift to discern the inner workings of people, but the enemy works to distract you so that you fear them instead of are capable of serving them.”
  • “People want to say we’ve got to live balanced…I don’t want to find that place between joy and depression. I have no interest in embracing both unbelief and faith so I can live balanced.”
  • “The enemy wants badly to discourage you from your assignment. If you ever get an assignment that, within the first year or so, there isn’t resistance, I would question whether it was God’s assignment.”
  • “Things aren’t that confusing when Jesus remains number one. Things become confusing when I entertain other options.”
  • “Do I have enough faith? It doesn’t matter; I can always obey.”
  • “In spiritual matters, you cannot fight and not win. You always win, but sometimes the victories are realized later.”
  • “When [the enemy] gets forced into the open, as he is in these days, that’s not his best card; it’s his last card!”
  • “I’ve never once seen somebody so built up with hope that disappointment destroyed them. The opposite has happened. Those with the greatest hope, even when there’s loss in the midst of it, they weather it better than the people who have a theology that allows for loss and lack to be okay.”

Hope these soundbites from Bill encouraged you as much as they encouraged me!

My Favorite Bill Johnson Quotes from Second Year | Millennials with Meaning
My Favorite Bill Johnson Quotes from Second Year

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My Favorite Bill Johnson Quotes from Second Year

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