Things I Wish I’d Known Going Into Second Year at BSSM

Things I Wish I'd Known Going Into Second Year at BSSM | Millennials with Meaning
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I arguably felt even less prepared going into Second Year at BSSM than I did going into First Year. There were a handful of First Year students who’d written blog posts and uploaded YouTube videos detailing their experiences, but there wasn’t a lot out there on Second Year. And of course, nothing was available regarding either year as an online student, since BSSM Online began in 2020.

As always, I am here to provide the information that I didn’t have! Here’s what I wished I had known before starting Second Year:

  • YOU WILL HAVE TO PREACH. And it happens before Christmas, so you can’t just skip it and hope no one notices before May! 😉 I promise you, though, you will make it out alive.
  • When they say an AMT is advanced, they mean it. Rich Schmidt’s Bible courses aren’t for the faint of heart (or those with jam-packed schedules!) but they’re well worth the time and brain overload.
  • The time commitment is greater than in First Year. I was fully expecting a repeat of First Year, and I was surprised how much more demanding Second Year was.
  • You won’t be getting ministered to as much as during First Year, but you’ll learn just as much and be presented with more opportunities to put into practice what you’ve learned. There are many opportunities to get prophesied over in First Year. BSSM Online has regular Encounter Rooms with ministry time afterward. In Second Year, you start ministering more and getting ministered to less.
  • You’ll take turns leading your small group and then everyone will vote (confidentially) on a leader. You’ll still have your student mentor present in small group meetings to come, but your elected leader will more or less steer things. It’s pretty informal, so no need to feel anxious about it.
  • You probably won’t receive notice about which week you’ll be chosen to lead your small group, so be prepared. (There’s really no pressure, but I know my fellow planners would like to know in advance and have a discussion topic in their back pocket!) Honestly, it’s pretty low-stakes. Since the small groups are on the larger side this year, conversation usually isn’t lacking, so you probably won’t be frantically racking your brain to think of something to fill the silence.
  • Bethel TV is, once again, included with your student email, but you still don’t have access to certain events like School of the Prophets. This is for online students – I don’t think it applies to those on-campus. (If you’re at BSSM in person, you can volunteer for conferences if you want to attend without paying the going rate.) I was told many times that Bethel TV was not included, but that information did not appear to be correct. There are certain events that you will still have to pay extra for, though, if you want to watch them.

I think that covers it! If you’re like me and have a million questions about what Second Year looks like, I hope this satisfied at least some of your curiosity. If you’re headed to Second Year, you’ll do great – you’ve got this!

Things I Wish I'd Known Going Into Second Year at BSSM | Millennials with Meaning
Things I Wish I’d Known Going Into Second Year at BSSM

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Things I Wish I’d Known Going Into Second Year at BSSM

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