Things I Loved About BSSM Online

Things I Loved About BSSM Online | Millennials with Meaning

I’m officially a Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry First Year graduate! I graduated via Zoom last week, which I suppose is appropriate, considering I did the entire year online.

This year was amazing. It was everything I hoped it would be, and I will never again be satisfied with what I used to be satisfied with.

Here are a few of the things I loved most about BSSM:

  • The prophetic words I received. Before applying to BSSM, I could count on one hand the prophetic words I had received in my lifetime. Now I have a 33-page document that I reread regularly to encourage myself and stir up my faith. These words are PRICELESS to me. They alone would’ve made the entire year worthwhile.
  • Bill Johnson. He’s one of the wisest men who ever lived. He oozes revelation every time he opens his mouth. He’s a hero.
  • Kris Vallotton. Such a relevant, real, and funny speaker, not to mention an overcomer. I learned so much from him.
  • The ministry rooms after Encounter Rooms. Having regular opportunities to be prophesied over was one of the most encouraging and precious gifts I could’ve been given. This is the kind of community I craved before coming to BSSM, and I’m so glad we as students were able to receive ministry time, too.
  • The books. Each one was so good. None of them felt like homework, because I actually wanted to read each one. I wish we’d been able to read even more!
  • That the vast majority of our sessions could be watched on our own time. Revival Group was the only thing we were required to attend live each week, so the schedule was very flexible. This kept stress levels down and allowed for more autonomy. I wrote a more detailed post about the full-time online schedule here.
  • The small groups and breakout rooms. These Zoom rooms with 3-6 people made it much easier to get to know people better. I don’t think I would’ve connected with anyone very well if not for these groups, but having a designated time for small group each week, plus randomized breakout rooms within our revival group at least a few times a month allowed me to build connections with more people.
  • That I could pause and rewind the sessions as much as I wanted and take very detailed notes. This was a HUGE perk of doing school online instead of in-person. I typically spent about three hours on a one-hour session so that I could write everything down. This certainly is not required, but I wanted to get the most out of my year at BSSM and be able to revisit in detail everything I learned.
  • That I could easily record the prophetic words I received since they were given over Zoom. Yay for technology! I know I keep bringing up prophetic words, but they were so, so valuable to me. Oftentimes, it’s hard to catch or write down everything someone is prophesying when they’re speaking to you in person, but I was able to record everything that was spoken over me digitally so I never lose it.
  • The Facebook groups. I didn’t think I’d like these, but I totally did. They helped build community and get any questions answered.
  • The chat bar on Zoom. This made it easy to connect with and encourage others, pose questions to the speakers, and get clarity from BSSM staff about anything and everything.
  • The Masterclasses. I wanted more! I wanted to hear parts 2, 3, and 4 after getting a sample of each person’s topic. I also would have loved to hear from even more speakers and/or have a library of options available. I felt like we could have attended Masterclasses for five years and still not exhaust everyone’s areas of expertise. I bought a pile of books after hearing so many great Masterclasses.
  • The price. $4,200 is totally fair for what you get, and I’m thrilled that by doing school online, I saved a small fortune on extra living and moving expenses.
  • The “flow.” There is an unmistakable flow when people at BSSM begin to minister. I noticed that even if I didn’t have a single prophetic word to give (nothing, nada), oftentimes other people would start prophesying and then suddenly I would have something to say, too. Other classmates seemed to be experiencing the same thing. I’m not sure I would believe it if I hadn’t experienced it, but it’s real!
  • The revelation. Have I said this yet? I learned so much. I don’t know of anywhere else where you can get this kind of teaching. It’s what my soul had been longing for. As one of my classmates so aptly put it, we students came hungry, and we left full, yet still hungry for more.
  • The people. Even across boundary lines, time zones, and language barriers, I had opportunities to connect with some really great people. From the Zoom hangs to the Facebook DMs to the chat conversations, these people encouraged me more than they know and made me feel a much stronger bond than I thought was possible long distance.
  • The high value for “freedom and responsibility.” I wrote an entire post on this at the beginning of the school year. There is so much grace and empowerment at BSSM, rather than the legalistic tendencies I’ve seen in so many other Christian environments.
  • The workload. It was very doable and even the due dates were more flexible than I expected them to be. We had a month to read each book and write a few sentences about it, which was more than enough time.
  • The interview process. I was extremely nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but as I wrote about here, not only were my fears unwarranted, but the interview was downright encouraging! My advisor even prophesied over me, and this was an excellent preview of what was to come throughout the year.

I could tell even from the first week that attending BSSMO was one of the best decisions I’d ever made in my life. I was not disappointed. I’d do it all over again, and I am so thankful for this past year and the many ways this school has blessed me. I will never be the same.

Things I Loved About BSSM Online | Millennials with Meaning
Things I Loved About BSSM Online

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Things I Loved About BSSM Online

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