BSSM: The Application and Acceptance Process

I knew at the beginning of May that I was supposed to attend BSSM. (You can read more here about how I came to this decision.) It took me several weeks to start my application, though, and even more time to finish it.

On-campus or online?

For starters, I was on the fence about exactly which program to apply for. For the first time ever, Bethel was offering a part-time online program starting in June, and that idea definitely appealed to me. It would take 18 months to finish, however, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit two years of my life to getting the same certificate I could earn in less than half the time on campus. (This school year was shortened due to COVID.) Moving to California and attending BSSM in person would be much quicker and I knew it would be rewarding…but it would also be a lot more expensive. Rent, utilities, internet…Dutch Bros coffee…I cringed at the thought of all these added expenses. (Except the Dutch Bros. That’s well-worth the expense. 😉)

I finally settled on the on-campus program. Though neither option seemed absolutely ideal, I felt like full-time school made the most sense for me. I also knew it would be the scariest option for me and therefore have the most potential for growth! 😬

I started my application at the end of May, but then I was afraid to tell…everybody. I was pretty sure at least a few people in my life would be supportive, but still I worried. What if they weren’t?

So I waited a few more weeks. 😉


While not everyone understood why I wanted to do this, thankfully my parents and a few friends were supportive of the idea, so I started gathering references. BSSM requires three of them: one from a leader and two from friends. None of them can be relatives or significant others. I got the green light from my three references and submitted their names.

Then my grandpa died. Life went on hold again, and so did my application.

Application Questions

After a few more weeks, my references were in, and I finally hit submit after paying my deposit and answering questions about all of the following:

  • Citizenship and language proficiency
  • Education history
  • Employment
  • Finances and how I planned to pay for school
  • Family and marital status
  • Physical and mental health
  • Lifestyle habits and expectations (alcohol use, drug use, sexual activity, etc.)
  • Spiritual life and history
  • Why I wanted to attend BSSM
  • Previous knowledge of BSSM or Bethel teachings

Yes, the questions were a little more in-depth than your average school application. My references had to answer many of the same personal questions about me as I did, from what I’m told. BSSM wants to make sure its students know what they’re getting into and are able to abide by the standards.


I submitted my application on July 1st and was able to schedule my interview for the very next day. I opted for a FaceTime interview (You can also interview in person or via Zoom), and I chose the earliest possible time slot so I could get it over with and get rid of my nerves! 😁

I was super anxious for the interview to start, but my advisor quickly put me at ease and told me I didn’t need to be nervous. 😊 I interviewed with April Brown, the same advisor I’d been e-mailing throughout the application process. (They start sending you updates and tips as soon as you begin your application.) She was very kind and didn’t go over much of what I’d already written on my application, but she asked me a few more questions about myself, answered any questions I had, and even prophesied over me! I must say, that alone made it the best interview I’ve ever experienced. The standard is set high now for the future. 😊

At the end of the interview, she informed me that I was officially accepted to BSSM and that an e-mail with more information would follow in the next couple days. Yay!! Whew! I felt excited and relieved.

Plot Twist

And then, a few weeks later while I was scouring Redding apartment listings without much luck, I decided to browse the BSSM website again and – lo and behold! They had just added a full-time online program for the fall of 2020.

Instantly I questioned whether I’d made the right decision to apply for the on-campus program. It had felt like the best option at the time, but I’d already begun to feel restless about leaving. A few days earlier, a friend of mine had prophesied over me that she didn’t think I was actually moving to Redding. As soon as she said those words, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, even though I still didn’t understand what was going to happen. Now I was pretty sure I understood…God was making a way where there had been no way before! Not only would I be able to save a ton of money, but I would still get the same training, in a shorter time period, without having to move. Everything about it felt right.

I e-mailed April about what my options might be for switching to the full-time online option, and she got back to me right away, saying it would just take a few clicks if I wanted to transfer (so I wouldn’t need to apply or interview again!). I ran the idea by a few trusted people, we agreed unanimously that this seemed like the clear path for me, and by the end of the day I had transferred to BSSM Online.

Two months later, here we are, and I’m loving everything about BSSM Online! It could not be a better fit for me.

If you’re thinking about applying to BSSM and have any questions about the process, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer! I can tell you this for sure: you won’t regret becoming a student at BSSM! Only a few weeks in, and I could not recommend it more.

BSSM: The Application and Acceptance Process | Millennials with Meaning
BSSM: The Application and Acceptance Process

A Week in the Life of BSSM Online

BSSM: The Application and Acceptance Process

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