My Top 20 Songs of 2022

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It’s that time of year! We have just a few weeks left of 2022, and today I’m sharing my 20 most-listened-to songs of the year. Here’s what I loved best in 2022:

20. Cody Carnes: “Good (Can’t Be Anything Else)”. I constantly need to remind myself of God’s goodness, and this is one of those sacrifice-of-praise songs that declares his goodness even when I can’t see it or feel it. God is good – still and always. It’s who he is, it’s who he’s been, and it’s who he’ll be for all eternity.

19. Brandon Lake & Chandler Moore: “Fear is Not My Future.” I was sold from the first line of this song: “Let him turn it in your favor; watch him work it for your good. He’s not done with what he started; he’s not done until it’s good.” Goodbye fear, goodbye guilt, and goodbye shame! Time for a new horizon!

18. Bethel Music & Brian Johnson: “I Still Believe.” This song has become my personal declaration of faith that is made even more meaningful knowing Brian Johnson released it right after losing his mom to cancer. I am inspired by his faith and trust in the Lord, and I want to have that same level of belief and trust in God, no matter what happens.

17. Leeland: “Still Mighty.” This one is a newer release that I’ve already logged several hours listening to. When I have a bad day, this song goes on repeat. God is still mighty, no matter what any circumstances may look like.

16. Church of the City: “Joy Comes In The Morning.” A repeat from the previous year. I so often need to hear this message!

15. CeCe Winans: “Believe For It (Live).” Yep, another repeat, and a worthy one! I listen to this song when my faith is waning.

14. Onething Live & Merchant Band: “Come and Let Your Presence (Live).” This is a song I first heard in school and loved. I’m not sure who the original artist is, but I found this version on iTunes and downloaded it immediately. It serves as a helpful reminder that everything I do and say is ultimately supposed to be for Jesus.

13. Jordan Feliz: “Jesus Is Coming Back (feat. Mandisa & Jonathan Traylor).” I love how upbeat and expectant this song is!

12. Carrie Underwood: “The Moment of Truth.” I’m always a fan of a good motivational song that urges you to press on and not give up. Carrie delivers with this cover!

11. Zach Williams: “Heart of God.” I started a new job teaching this year, and this song reminds me of how I want to see my students: through the eyes of God’s love.

10. Maverick City Music & Kirk Franklin: “Bless Me.” This is the song I like to blast every time I’m at the gas station, especially with the prices this year! Haha.

9. Kygo: “Dancing Feet (feat. DNCE).” Such a catchy song and one that I primarily love because there’s REFIT choreo to it!

8. CAIN: “Come Forth.” Still like this one as much as last year. Still like to prophetically declare these words.

7. The Belonging Co, Andrew Holt & Natalie Grant: “Just The Mention Of His Name (Live).” I love the power and hope behind this song. This is the kind of message I believe churches around the world should be broadcasting!

6. Chris McClarney: “Speak To The Mountains.” I LOVE this song, and I got to hear it live this summer! Such a mighty declaration of faith to the mountains in life. My God is bigger, better, stronger, greater!

5. Elevation Worship: “LION (feat. Chris Brown & Brandon Lake).” This song was played at my BSSM Second Year graduation, and I felt such an anointing on it! It’s been on repeat for me ever since.

4. Elevation Worship: “Might Get Loud (feat. Chris Brown, Brandon Lake & Tiffany Hudson).” This has been an anthem for me this year. I’m done being silenced, I’ve had it with being shamed, I will never sacrifice my convictions for the approval of man, and, well…it might get loud.

3. For KING & COUNTRY: “For God Is With Us.” I like the version with Hillary Scott the most, but I love both versions! I often need this reminder that God is with me, especially through the hard moments.

2. We The Kingdom: “Miracle Power.” Such a powerful song and definitely a favorite of 2022! I love the hope, the emphasis on the Holy Spirit, and the strategy that “when it feels like I won’t make it, I call on Jesus!”

1. Church of the City: “God Turn It Around (feat. Jon Reddick).” This is not only my most-listened-to song for three years in a row, but it’s my most-listened-to song of all time, by a long shot! This song is my prayer and I won’t stop declaring it until I see the divine turnarounds I’m praying for in this world.

And that’s a wrap: my favorites of 2022! Unless I discover an incredible song in the next couple of weeks that ousts all the others – which totally happened in 2020 with “God Turn It Around” – these ones take home the prize! See you in a few days for my favorite books of 2022…📚

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