I’m Going Back to School!

I'm Going Back to School! | Millennials with Meaning
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I vowed these words would never come out of my mouth again, but God laughed and here we are: I am going back to school!

I teased this news in last week’s post, and this decision is the perfect example of how at one moment I wasn’t sure what to do next, and then suddenly I just knew.

This is completely out of left field for me and not something I ever desired (quite the opposite, in fact), until a few months ago. I was starting to feel very stagnant, and I knew that meant God was getting me ready for some kind of a change. I asked myself this question:

What can I do or where can I go in order to grow?

Only one thing came to mind, and it both surprised and scared me: BSSM. Yes, the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. 😳

Guys, I used to make fun of this place. When I was a teenager I’d roll my eyes and snicker every time I heard someone had enrolled there. It sounds like somewhere Shaggy and Scooby would park the Mystery Machine!

Over the years, though, I have come to appreciate the teaching that Bethel offers, and I realized the people there aren’t completely crazy like I once thought. 😉 Bill Johnson’s grandparents helped start my church, so I know his theology can’t be too different from mine! Every book I’ve read, sermon I’ve watched, and conference I’ve streamed on Bethel.TV has been SO insightful and made me hungry for more.

Even so…BSSM? Not on my radar WHATSOEVER until now. I’ve been (happily) out of school for almost a decade! I’ve never even visited Bethel Church because it seemed a little too far out of my comfort zone. Watching from the safety of my own home suits me just fine, thank you very much! 😁

Despite all my fears, I took the plunge and initially applied for the on-campus school because I didn’t want to commit more than a year of my life to it. The only online option was an 18-month program, while the on-campus route will take just over seven months this year.

However, I was hitting one dead end after another when it came to finding a place to live in Redding that was affordable and felt right…and at the last minute, BSSM added a full-time online school that starts this fall. It’s cheaper, I won’t have to move, and especially considering all the unknowns with COVID, it feels like the perfect fit for me at the perfect time. I guess you could say I offered up my Isaac and God provided me with a ram. 😊 The school approved my transfer, and I begin BSSM online next week!

If my life proves anything, it’s that God has a sense of humor. Once again, out of my comfort zone I go (but thankfully not geographically this time 😊)…BSSM, here I come!

I'm Going Back to School! | Millennials with Meaning
I’m Going Back to School!


I’m Going Back to School!

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