Second Year BSSM Online 2021-2022 Book List

Second Year BSSM Online 2021-2022 Book List | Millennials with Meaning

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I can hardly believe my second year as a BSSM student online is coming to an end! I just finished my last book of the year and it seems surreal.

Last year, I shared the book list for (full-time) online First Year students, and now I’m back with the Second Year list. Part-time students may have different books or have them in a different order, and the list is subject to change (I think BSSM often makes adjustments), but this will give you some idea of what to expect if you enroll in Second Year online.

Here are the books we read in 2021-2022, in order:

  1. John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith by Kenneth Copeland Publications (Get an early start on this one – it will take some time! You will have to purchase the hard copy on your own and have it read before school begins.)
  2. Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson
  3. Heavy Rain: How to Flood Your World With God’s Transforming Power by Kris Vallotton
  4. Spiritual Intelligence: The Art of Thinking Like God by Kris Vallotton
  5. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer
  6. Dreaming with God: Secrets to Redesigning Your World Through God’s Creative Flow by Bill Johnson
  7. School of Healing and Impartation Workbook by Randy Clark. (This was optional for us to go through but was provided free for us during Randy Clark week in January. We also got to attend the entire conference online! There was no book report for this one.)
  8. Born for Significance: Master the Purpose, Process, and Peril of Promotion by Bill Johnson
  9. God is Good: He’s Better Than You Think by Bill Johnson
  10. Victorious Emotions: Creating a Framework for a Happier You by Wendy Backlund

Differences from First Year

In Second Year, we read one book per month and wrote a 700-900-page report on each one summarizing what the author was saying, why the author said it, and how we’ll apply the concepts to our lives. The book assignments were different from First Year, because we wrote actual book reports instead of answering questions about each book.

As with First Year, we were not told ahead of time which books we’d be reading. We either found out on the first day of each month or a few days into the month.

Again, all copies were e-books from the Bethel bookstore, with the exception of the John G. Lake book (which you can get on Amazon). I downloaded the mobi files and sent them to my Kindle app.

The one major difference for Second Year is that you have to read the first book before the start of the school year, and it’s a long one – a whopping 548 pages!

Differences from BSSM On-Campus

Our book list was a little different from the on-campus one. Students on campus did not read God is Good or Victorious Emotions; they instead read Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell and God’s Generals (chapters 4 and 8-12) by Roberts Liardon. Other than that, our lists were the same, based on what I heard from my friends who attended BSSM in person. I think the school had to make some adjustments based on the e-books they carry in the Bethel store.

Hope that’s helpful to any prospective students! The reading list is very doable since you only have one assigned book per month, and some of them are pretty short. Just be sure to get a head start on the John G. Lake book, and you’ll be golden! (Should I say that one more time? Ha. That one will take you a while. 😊)

Happy reading!

Second Year BSSM Online 2021-2022 Book List | Millennials with Meaning
Second Year BSSM Online 2021-2022 Book List

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Second Year BSSM Online 2021-2022 Book List

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