How to Identify Your True Squad

A few years ago, my parents were out of town and, twice in one week, I found myself sitting in a parking lot with a dead battery. In two different vehicles!

No big deal, I reassured myself. I’ll just call someone to pick me up.

…Who can I call?

My mind came up empty. Who could I call? Neither of my brothers lived nearby. My closest friend was working. Two of my grandparents were no longer driving and the other probably shouldn’t have been. It was dark, it was winter, the cold was setting in, and I didn’t know what to do.

I started scrolling through my phone. I had tons of contacts, but few real options. 

“Who did I text last?”

Nope, can’t call them.

“Who have I called in the last month?”

Hmm. Nope.

“Who lives the closest?”

They’ll probably say no.

They did. I asked. 

I got a lot of “Well, I’m in the middle of [insert really any activity] right now. But if you can’t find anybody else, definitely let me know!”


I had a handful of contacts who were either too far away or who I suspected would treat this as a huge inconvenience. I had a number of acquaintances I talked to regularly, but they weren’t the kind of people who’d rush over with jumper cables. I literally went through my entire list of phone contacts, texted a few with no responses, and realized I actually had no one else to call.

Both times, by the grace of God, a Good Samaritan ended up coming to the rescue. Then last winter I was again reminded of my need for a “squad” when a snowstorm hit. Again, my family was out of town, as were all my neighbors. I had a full schedule that I couldn’t rearrange, and my car would be parked outside in the subzero temps most of the week.

I worried as the snow piled up outside. My car had been acting up, and it was never great in snow to begin with. What would I do if I got stranded somewhere? Who would I call?

Really, who would I call? 😬

I sorted through name after name in my mind.

Once again, I came up empty.

There’s got to be someone! My logic insisted. But it seemed things hadn’t really changed.

Long after midnight, I sat in the dark and thought through every possible person until I finally came up with one.

My cousin Megan.

She’d come for me, and she’d come as soon as she could. I knew it. Her life is busy with work and two small kids, but I knew, without a doubt, that if I called her and said I was stranded somewhere, she’d either send someone or pick me up herself, and she’d have me home safely in the time it would take to call 10 of my “acquaintances.”

She’s part of my squad. I never realized just how much until I thought about who on earth I’d call in a snowstorm.

Who’s in your squad? It might not be who you think it is.

Who would you call if you were stranded in a snowstorm? If your car died in the middle of nowhere? If you got in an accident and needed someone to pick you up?

If you keep brainstorming and you can’t come up with anybody, consider these people:

  • your parents
  • your friends
  • your siblings
  • your coworkers
  • your neighbors
  • your in-laws
  • your grandparents
  • your aunts/uncles
  • your cousins

Mine turned out to be a cousin. If my parents couldn’t come, she’s who I’d call. And I know she’d come.

How to Identify Your True Squad | Millennials with Meaning

Who’d come for you? News flash: they’re your squad. Your tribe. They’re the ones who truly care about you.

And if someone you consider to be a part of your squad wouldn’t come? You may need to re-evaluate your closest relationships.

Find your squad. More importantly, be the kind of person who’s worthy of someone else’s.

Would you go jump-start a friend’s car if you were in the middle of dinner or an episode of This Is Us? Or would you treat it as a hassle and relegate yourself to the “if nobody else can” list?

After the situations I’ve found myself in lately, I’m a little convicted. I know there are people who’d drop everything for me, and it’s a reminder that I need to be that same kind of friend to them, too, even when it’s inconvenient.

Coincidentally (or not), the morning after I racked my brain to think of anyone in my life who’d come for me if needed, my uncle let me know out of the blue that if I ever needed help with snow removal, he would come anytime.

It about made me cry. How could he have known that literally the night before I couldn’t sleep because I was worrying about who I could call in that very situation? My driveway was buried under a pile of snow and that’s what got me thinking about who might help if I ever got stuck somewhere.

Before I had fallen asleep the night before, my uncle’s name had come to mind, and I’d been pretty sure he’d be there for me if I needed him, too. The “random” phone call the next day proved it.

Flash-forward a bit and I got even more confirmation. I was home alone with a mouse in the house (my nightmare), it was 60 degrees below zero, and the piles of snow in my driveway were so high I couldn’t leave the house. Even if I could, I had nowhere to go. Once again, everyone was out of town. Because there was nothing left to do but laugh (and cry – I did a bit of that, too), I posted about my little saga on social media.

Who had rescued me within the hour? My cousin Megan, of course. 😊 She sent her husband to pick me up in his truck, and they let me stay with them until the mouse situation was resolved, God bless them.

God gave me a squad, and he showed me who’s in it. He’ll do the same for you. Ask him, believe, and receive – and be willing to help out others in need, too. We all have a squad. No man is an island. And our God always provides!

How to Identify Your True Squad

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How to Identify Your True Squad

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