How God Feels About You

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How God Feels About You | Millennials with Meaning

The other day my two-year-old cousin came up to me with a grin. Someone had given her a sticker, and she was excited about it. She gently pressed the sticker onto my jeans, patted it down to make sure it stayed put, and then looked me in the eye to make sure she had my attention.

“Special,” she told me.

I was a little distracted, as I’d been talking to someone else. I smiled at her and continued my conversation.

She picked up the sticker again and stuck it back on my leg just as carefully as she’d done the first time.

She looked into my eyes again. “Special!”

My heart grew like 10 sizes.

This sweet little two-year-old wanted me to know she thought I was special! And when it didn’t register the first time, she repeated it to make sure I got what she was saying. (Sometimes we adults are slow to understand. 😊)

I was really touched by her gesture, because, like most of us, I know what it’s like to feel decidedly not special.

It’s no secret around here that I’m single, so that part of my life doesn’t necessarily make me feel very sought-after. I’m not an only child and I’m one of many grandchildren, smack-dab in the middle on both sides. I’ve never been an athlete, so nobody’s ever fought to pick me first for any team! (More like last. 😉) And I got plenty of Bs on my report cards in high school, so nothing felt all that special about my academic prowess, either.

Sometimes it feels like I’m only treated special if somebody wants something from me. Baked goods. Free babysitting. A volunteer for a task nobody else wants to do.

Maybe you can relate?

But the other night as I was reflecting on this two-year-old girl telling me that I’m special, I felt God whisper, That’s how I feel about you. That’s how I feel about each one of my children.

You might not feel special to anyone else in the entire world, but I can guarantee you: you’re special to God.

It says in Psalm 139:14 that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. And it says in Genesis that when God made humans (That means you), he said they were good.

Not just so-so. Not just average. Definitely not forgettable. Good.

The Bible also says you are chosen and that God knew you before you were even in your mother’s womb.

God carefully placed his metaphorical sticker on you before you were even born. You are marked: SPECIAL!

It makes me think of that Max Lucado book for children about Wemmicks and the Hillsong Worship song “Who You Say I Am.”

You are chosen. You have God’s seal of approval. You are his. You are special.

So the next time you’re not feeling very chosen or very extraordinary, remember who created you and what he says about you. And remember my little cousin and her “special” sticker. God feels the exact same way about you!

You are hand-picked, one-of-a-kind, and extraordinarily special. And don’t you forget it.

How God Feels About You

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How God Feels About You

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