Things I’ve Done to Avoid an Unwanted Suitor

Things I've Done to Avoid an Unwanted Suitor | Millennials with Meaning
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We’ve all been there. You see him coming: the guy you suspect has a crush on you that is definitely not mutual. (Or, worse, his mom, desperately trying to find a wife for her very unattractive son at all costs, her sights set on you.)

What do you do?

Here is what I have done, for better or for worse:

  • Ducked into the ladies’ bathroom
  • Remained in the bathroom for as long as it took until the coast was clear
  • Hid and prayed I wasn’t discovered
  • Walked in the other direction, even if it was the opposite direction from where I was headed
  • Struck up a conversation with someone – anyone – else
  • Pulled other people into our [unwanted] conversation
  • Scanned the room disinterestedly
  • Picked up a child
  • Picked up a dog
  • Picked up really any object to talk about and/or focus on
  • Focused intently on something – anything – else
  • Given one-word responses
  • Flashed a smile that is clearly strained
  • Fake-texted
  • Looked at my phone
  • Made an excuse to temporarily leave the room
  • Left the venue entirely
  • Pretended I didn’t see him
  • Implied I had an urgent task to attend to
  • Changed the subject
  • Played dumb
  • Feigned busyness
  • Closed my eyes in prayer or worship
  • Loudly jangled my car keys
  • Started my car
  • Led him to believe the headphones I was wearing were actually playing music
  • Hidden behind a large object
  • Quickly dialed a friend
  • Quickly made plans to go elsewhere
  • Hit BLOCK on social media
  • Left a message unopened
  • Nonverbally communicated with a friend to get me out of there!

Now, I’m not exactly saying other females should follow my example and try these tactics out for yourselves. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t, either. 🤷🏼‍♀️) But desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.

Guys, if you’re reading this and you’ve observed these behaviors in the woman you like, help a girl out (Help yourself out, for that matter!) and back off a bit. You deserve someone who thinks you’re the bee’s knees, not someone who wants to bolt every time you’re around! I promise you, there’s a girl out there who won’t run in the opposite direction when she sees you. Keep searching for that one – she’s worth it and so are you. ❤️

Things I've Done to Avoid an Unwanted Suitor | Millennials with Meaning
Things I’ve Done to Avoid an Unwanted Suitor

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Things I’ve Done to Avoid an Unwanted Suitor

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