You’ve Been Healed; Now What?

You've Been Healed; Now What? | Millennials with Meaning
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If you haven’t heard my healing story before, seven years ago I was healed of a six-year chronic illness and I’ve maintained my healing ever since. Maybe you’ve been healed, too – hallelujah! 🙌

Now what? Here are a few steps to take after God has healed you:

Thank God for your healing. Obviously you have a lot to be thankful for, and I think for most people, this step comes naturally! If not, don’t forget to express your gratitude to the One who was responsible for healing you. Thankfulness pleases the Father and demonstrates good stewardship.

Share your testimony! The Bible tells us in Revelation that testimony is the spirit of prophecy. This means that by sharing your story of healing, you are literally prophesying that same breakthrough over others. What God did before, he wants to do again! What he did for you, he wants to do for others! Your story prophesies healing over those who hear it. It stirs up people’s faith and gives them hope that the Lord will give them the healing they’re contending for, too. You don’t have to get on a stage with a microphone to share your testimony; you can share your story with a friend over coffee or write up a social media post describing your experience. Use whatever doors are open in front of you to testify of God’s faithfulness! We all need stories of hope to build our faith.

Refuse any symptoms that try to come back. You might not experience this, but it’s very possible that you will face an attack again at some point. I can’t remember exactly when my symptoms first tried to return after God healed me, but I think it was a couple months later. Do not accept them! I chose to reject these symptoms, because I knew I’d been healed and that I’d been living a completely different, symptom-free life in the weeks following my healing. The symptoms have tried to come back a handful of times over the years since my healing, but they’ve never stuck, because I have refused to partner with them each time. I try not to vocalize complaints about them, I don’t allow myself to worry that maybe sickness is returning, and I don’t give in to self-pity. I speak against the symptoms and I move on without giving them attention. Be vigilant and unwavering! You have been healed, and that spiritual truth trumps any physical attack of the enemy. Even when you don’t feel it, choose to believe it.

Pray for other people to be healed! I will be transparent and disclose that as far as I know, no one I’ve prayed for with the same symptoms I experienced has been healed…yet. That said, I’m still going to keep praying for people, anyway, and I personally believe that when God heals you, you receive a grace to see others healed. We see this principle all the time in the natural world: when someone overcomes any struggle – whether it’s physical, emotional, or involving a difficult life circumstance – that their victory often births a passion and grace to help others get that same victory. Recovered addicts help addicts. People who’ve overcome depression devote themselves to helping others who are battling the same thing. Your victory gives you an anointing to help others and often supplies the roadmap they need.

Practice healthy habits. This one just makes practical sense. Yes, God absolutely works miracles, but he also wants you to steward your body well. Bad physical habits can have natural physical consequences. Scripture says your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Are you treating it as such? I love dessert as much as the next person (probably more), but I set limits, because it’s my job to take care of my own temple. You don’t have to turn into an Olympic athlete, but do your reasonable best to nurture your body with the good food God created and with some sort of exercise. And don’t forget to get enough rest! God designed the Sabbath for a reason. Try to take a day off every week and sleep eight hours a night. I know that’s not always easy, especially in certain seasons, but it makes such a difference.

Ask for more. God did it before and he’s willing to do it again! I’ve been healed and I still have more healing I’d like to see. Again, testimony is the spirit of prophecy! Meditate on what it says in God’s Word and limit your exposure to naysayers and negative messages. You’ve experienced the goodness of God; keep believing for more!

You've Been Healed; Now What? | Millennials with Meaning
You’ve Been Healed; Now What?

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You’ve Been Healed; Now What?

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