Things I Hate That Other Millennials Love

Things I Hate That Other Millennials Love | Millennials with Meaning
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Millennials are known for a lot – some of it good, much of it not-so-good. One in four of us live with our parents, 28% of us attend church once a week, we like to read, and we’re blamed for “killing” everything.

In some ways I’m your typical millennial, but here are a few generational trends I’m not on board with:

Podcasts. I can read faster than I can listen and I’m not an auditory learner, so don’t send me podcast recs, please and thank you! I’d much rather read an article (or even the transcription) than spend an hour listening to a podcast.

Audiobooks. Same reason as above. Great concept; just not for me.

Avocado toast. I know this is as controversial as saying who I’m voting for in November, but I think avocados are kind of boring. There are many other things I’d rather put on my toast, like cinnamon-sugar. Or Nutella and bananas. Or bacon, turkey, lettuce, cheese, and one of those fancy toothpicks.

Millennial pink. Sorry, not a fan. I think it’s dull. I like my bright colors.

Scrunchies. Nope. Tossed them out in 1999 and they’re never coming back into my Caboodle. (Just kidding, I tossed that out, too. 😉) All these 90s throwbacks puzzle me. They didn’t look good on me then and they don’t now, either.

Birkenstocks. Am I the only person who sees how unflattering these shoes are?

Alexa and Siri. They creep me out. What if someone is listening? What if I accidentally voice-text someone something confidential? Not worth the risk.

Subscription services. I hate, hate, hate renting something I could own. (The mandatory Dave Ramsey class in college 100% worked on me.) It is 2020 and I still buy mp3s because I can’t justify paying monthly, especially since I’d have nothing to show for it if I were ever to cancel. I have never paid for Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, or even Disney+ (although I’ve used the free trials and watched with friends who subscribe). Nope.

Free-range, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan ingredients. Yeah, no. My go-to lunch is the $6 Meal Deal from the Dairy Queen.

Coffin nails. I think the name fits, because they look like they’re part of a Halloween costume.

Self-care. Read my thoughts here.

Craft anything. I don’t drink, and I think this is an overused buzzword.

Man buns. Yep, I said it. 🤢

Mustaches. I think they make my generation look like children who are trying to dress up as the 1980s version of their dad. Case in point: Jack from This Is Us.

Vintage eyewear. The hipster glasses, the 1950s throwbacks, the ginormous frames reminiscent of 1984…I got LASEK so I don’t need prescription eyewear, but I think most of the current styles went out of style in their respective decades for a reason. Again, people look like they’re playing dress-up.

Groucho Marx eyebrows. I learned from Aunt Becky on Full House that makeup is supposed to accentuate the beauty you already have, and I like her philosophy. Nothing wrong with filling in those sparse spots, but there’s accentuating and then there are caterpillars taking over your face. I prefer a little restraint.

Alllllright, friends. I mean no harm and you do you, but I hope my commentary made you laugh, if nothing else. 😊

Lest you think I’m too anti-conformity, let it be known that I very much enjoy PSLs, e-books, online church, and living with my parents rent-free. 😂

What millennial trends do you balk at? Which ones are you totally on the bandwagon for?

Things I Hate That Other Millennials Love | Millennials with Meaning
Things I Hate That Other Millennials Love

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Things I Hate That Other Millennials Love

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