The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer | Millennials with Meaning
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I have some really cool testimonies to share with you!

Most of us know in our heads that prayer is powerful. James says the prayer of a righteous person is “a force to be reckoned with” (James 5:16). But I think for many of us, there’s also this tendency to think our prayers aren’t as powerful as other people’s are. Our prayers don’t get answered. Our prayers aren’t as anointed. We just don’t have that special gifting.

That’s kind of what I thought, even if it was partly subconscious.

It’s almost become this joke for me: “Don’t ask me to pray for you; it probably won’t get answered! You might even die!” I’ll pray for people if I’m asked to, but so often the results have been discouraging, to say the least. My prayers never seem to get answered! I’ve been praying for the same people to get saved for 20 years. People with terminal illnesses have died. I’m still single.

The only prayers of mine that ever seem to get results are the ones for babies. I am happy to report that several couples I’ve prayed for who’ve struggled with infertility have indeed given birth to healthy babies.

But that’s pretty much it. I dedicate a fair amount of time to prayer every week, but the vast, vast majority of my prayers have seemingly gone unanswered or been answered with a big, fat “NO.”

Until recently.

I got to meet one of my BSSM classmates in person for the first time a few weeks ago (!!!). She invited me to a gathering at her home, and while I was there, she asked me to pray for one of her friends who had a headache. I always pray for anyone who asks, whether I have the faith for them to be healed or not. (I often don’t, but it doesn’t stop me from praying. I am persistent if nothing else.) I declared healing over her body and commanded that headache to go, in Jesus’ name! I spoke with authority but felt nothing. I never feel anything.

I don’t think she got healed, but I was SHOCKED when both she and my friend started having physical responses to my prayer! My friend was practically falling over. The other woman said she felt zaps of electricity. I thought that must just be the way they experience God – same old, same old for them – but they both said that no, it was because I prayed with power! The one woman had never experienced anything like this before. I was floored. This had NEVER happened to me before! It was the power of the Holy Spirit and I was just the vessel he was using, but I never knew I carried that kind of power! I knew with my head but not by experience – ever.

The same thing happened again the next week while I was praying for some of my classmates who needed healing. I took authority over the enemy and decreed complete healing, and one of my classmates said she could feel the shift when I prayed. She knew it was done. I’m sure my eyes bugged out again, because I didn’t feel a thing! I just prayed in faith.

One of my friends has been attacked with sickness over and over lately, and she’s asked for prayer several times. Every time I’ve prayed for her except one, her symptoms have left immediately.

It’s not a formula and I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to start seeing breakthrough. I still hope for more, and I’ve still seen unanswered prayers after seeing some were answered. But I do know this: prayer really is powerful! I’m realizing that more than ever before.

Don’t stop praying for what you need or desire! Whether it feels like it or not, your prayers are powerful. God hears your prayers, and they make a difference. Don’t give up!

Next week I have an especially interesting testimony to share of how I was healed of COVID. Come back on Monday to hear one of my more bizarre healing testimonies!

I’m decreeing health, wholeness, peace and hope over each person reading this. May you persevere in prayer and begin to see an increase in answers from heaven. God has not forgotten you, and you are his vessel!

The Power of Prayer | Millennials with Meaning
The Power of Prayer

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The Power of Prayer

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