How I Chose a Major, Part 2: Do I Regret It?

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How I Chose a Major, Part 2: Do I Regret My Choice? | Millennials with Meaning

Last week I explained the very scientific process that was behind my degree selection in college.

In short, I looked at all the classes I would need to take for each one and decided on the degree with the classes that sounded least boring.

Very optimistic, I know.

But a journalism degree felt right, or at least…righter than anything else.

So how did it go when I actually got into it?

I transferred to Southeastern University as a junior with an AA degree already in hand, so I knew I’d be jumping right into the coursework for my major. That probably served as an even bigger motivator to choose wisely, because I would be reaping the consequences right away.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t hate most of my courses! 😊 I even…drumroll, please…enjoyed some of them!

My first public relations course was actually all about social media and, as a 21-year-old in 2009, social media was my life! That class was a piece of cake. Tweeting back and forth with classmates all day? So not bad at all!

Then there was the actual journalism course. That one was rather enjoyable, too! It seemed to indicate that the whole writing thing was a good fit for me, which was a relief.

Unsurprisingly, I loved my digital media course, which was all about blogging. Each of us in the class got to choose a topic and maintain a blog on that topic throughout the semester, and I got excited about each new post. (My topic of choice was food, and I created a recipe blog. I’m still a recipe blogger today!) That was my favorite course I took in college, hands-down. I remember thinking that I would totally blog for a living if I could! (Still working on that. 😉)

Sure, there were a few courses I could’ve done without. But for the most part, the classes I took were rather interesting, if not actually enjoyable. That was a first for me in all my years of schooling, from preschool on up. I never enjoyed school, but my two years at Southeastern were my favorite years by far.

In sum? When it comes to choosing a major, I’m pretty sure I would make the same choice today. And that’s saying a lot, because I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. I’ve changed a lot since I was 20.

I guess that must mean I made a good decision. 😉

How I Chose a Major, Part 2: Do I Regret It?

How I Chose a Major

How I Chose a Major, Part 2: Do I Regret It?

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