34 of the Best Bill Johnson Quotes

In case you missed it, I had a really great year at BSSM. 😉 Don’t worry; I have plenty of non-BSSM-related posts coming up too, but I’ve been taking some time to process and reflect on my year of school, and I want to share a few more things about the experience before I forget too many important details.

This week, I have 34 of the best quotes from the one and only Bill Johnson!

  1. “When God is number one, there is no number two.”
  2. “It’s a wrong way of thinking to conclude that because something happened, God approved it.”
  3. “Physical obedience brings spiritual release.”
  4. “Bold faith offends the stationary.”
  5. “I can’t afford to think things about my future that He doesn’t think about my future.”
  6. “God rewards faithfulness with increased responsibility.”
  7. “My obedience can’t be linked to understanding; my obedience has to be linked to what He says.”
  8. “Most believers pray enough to change their conscience but not enough to change the situation.”
  9. “How much money is too much money? It’s whatever replaces trust.”
  10. “Timid prayers get timid answers.”
  11. “Many Christians battle with confusion. But they battle confusion because they lost the battle over protecting God’s word.”
  12. “The greater the opposition to the word, the more vital it is that you feed your soul on that word.”
  13. “Faith is not an intellectual issue; it is superior to the intellect.”
  14. “We reflect the nature of the world we are most aware of.”
  15. “Prayers that move you move him. Prayers that don’t move you probably won’t move him. It’s not their length; it’s their authenticity.”
  16. “It’s never more critical than when it looks the most impossible.”
  17. “I’ve had friends through the years that never once missed a prophecy; they never got it wrong. Of course, they never prophesied.” 😊
  18. “God doesn’t hide things from me. He hides things for me.”
  19. “If you carry bitterness and you don’t repent, you will infect people around you. If you hang out with bitter people, unless you are contributing to their transformation, their bitterness will infect you. There’s no middle ground. We are either impacting the environment, or the environment is impacting us.”
  20. “I have zero room for experimentation when it comes to character.”
  21. “Success is not necessarily a sign that the goal was from God.”
  22. “A fast is when you’re hungrier for what you can’t see than you are for what you can see.”
  23. “How do you know if the devil’s lying? His lips are moving!”
  24. “You don’t get the blessings of one kingdom by following the laws of another.”
  25. “You have authority over any storm you can sleep in.”
  26. “The first temptation was to question what God said. Questioning what God said made eating the fruit logical. Questioning what God said made eating the fruit the most reasonable choice. I’ve got God’s word and I’ve got a competitive word. It’s hard to be all in when I’m entertaining two opposing ideas.”
  27. “God is in a good mood. If you hang around Him, His joy is bound to rub off!”
  28. “Anything you obtain through self-promotion you’ll have to sustain through self-promotion. Anything you get through God’s promotion, he’ll defend.”
  29. “The Bible says we will be led forth with peace, so I try to make sure I don’t go anywhere peace doesn’t take me.”
  30. “I’d like to suggest that some of those in the body of Christ that have been criticized because they are prosperous are people that first gave in secret, and now they have to endure the criticisms of friends and loved ones who don’t know their history with God.”
  31. “He doesn’t bring us to a point of birth and then fail to bring delivery.”
  32. “The Christian life is anything but complicated; it is not complicated. It is hard, but there’s a difference between hard and complicated. If it’s complicated, it’s only because I’m entertaining wrong ideas.”
  33. “You know your mind’s renewed when the impossible looks logical.”
  34. “Faith brings answers, but enduring faith brings answers with character.”
34 of the Best Bill Johnson Quotes | Millennials with Meaning
34 of the Best Bill Johnson Quotes

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34 of the Best Bill Johnson Quotes

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