10 Benefits of Small Groups

10 Benefits of Small Groups | Millennials with Meaning

Last week I shared some of my experiences with small groups and why I’ve found them to be so valuable. But how can a small group benefit you?

Here are 10 things a small group can provide in your life:

  1. Community with like-minded people. You can make new friends, maintain old friendships, and find your squad.
  2. A sense of belonging. Everybody longs to fit in and feel at home somewhere. The right small group provides that place for you.
  3. Spiritual growth. In your walk with Christ, you’re always either growing or regressing. Surrounding yourself with fellow Christians helps you go in the right direction.
  4. Support. If you’re going through something, you have a group of people to pray for you, encourage you, and bear your burdens with you.
  5. Expectancy. It gives you something to regularly look forward to!
  6. Accountability. If you don’t show up, others will notice. You can also give people in your group permission to hold you accountable in any specific areas of your life that you’re trying to grow.
  7. Commitment. It gives you an opportunity to practice committing to something and keep your word by showing up each time. It also provides you with other people who are willing to commit to you.
  8. Mentorship. Older or wiser group members can provide you with new insight, and you can provide insight to those who may be younger or less experienced than you are.
  9. Strength. There is strength in numbers, and the Bible says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20).
  10. Fun! A good small group should be enjoyable!

What else would you add? In what other ways have small groups added value to your life? Sound off below!

10 Benefits of Small Groups

The Importance of Small Groups

10 Benefits of Small Groups

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