Awkward Scenarios Christians Face On Dates

Awkward Scenarios Christians Face On Dates | Millennials with Meaning
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Ahh, dating. It opens up a whole new world of butterflies and bumbling idiocy for anyone who dares venture into a new relationship. But no group of people faces the overwhelming amount of pressure in dating quite like Christians do. Here are some questions many Christians face when they’re on dates. Brace yourselves, people; it’s about to get awkward. 😉

  • Can I even call this a date? Or is my “date” more into courting? Did he “kiss dating goodbye”? Are we “intentionally dating”? Just “hanging out”? So many confusing options here.
  • Do I need to dress up like it’s Easter Sunday, or is a more casual outfit acceptable? On the continuum of workout apparel to evangelizing Mormon, where should my outfit fall? Does my personality even matter? Because khakis aren’t really my style…
  • Is it okay to play secular music in the car on the way? Or will my date judge me? Mmm, better stick to K-LOVE.
  • What movie ratings are acceptable when on a date as a Christian couple? Should we keep it PG, or is PG-13 okay? What’s the verdict on Plugged In?
  • Who’s gonna pay? Most Christians would probably say the guy pays, no question…but what if I end up with a more “open-minded” Christian date who is totally offended by that concept?
  • Is someone gonna pray? Or are we both gonna pretend we forgot and dig on in to our food like heathens to avoid all that spiritual awkwardness?
  • Should I tell her I prayed about this relationship and God gave me the green light? As soon as I saw that supermodel standing across the room, God immediately told me that’s The One…
  • If we go to the beach, what kind of swimwear is appropriate? Modest is hottest! What did they wear in the 1920s again?
  • Should I mention the calling of God I have on my life? She’s gotta find out sometime! Will she be excited about joining me on the mission field, or will she run in the other direction like Jonah?
  • When is it too soon to attend church together? Everyone’s going to talk…they’ll swarm like flies and ask to see the ring…this is our second date…
  • When is it okay to discuss marriage? On the first date? While proposing? Or somewhere in between (assuming those are two different occasions…😉)?
  • When should we discuss physical boundaries? Bringing this up on the first date might sound presumptuous, but if I wait too long, my date might think I’m not committed to purity…what to do?!
  • How soon is too soon to meet the family? He needs to meet everyone so I can see how he fits in with his future in-laws and ask for permission to marry, but I also don’t want to scare him off! And I want him to think my family is normal for as long as possible…Maybe it’s best to wait.
  • Should I walk her to her door afterward? Does that have suggestive implications? She might assume I want to be invited in if I do, but she might assume I’m not chivalrous if I don’t.
  • Should I invite him in afterward? Does that have suggestive implications? Okay, he walked me to my door. How gentlemanly. Now, do I invite him in? Or is he gonna think I have impure motives if I do? But wait! If I don’t invite him in, he might think I don’t like him and am trying to get rid of him! I don’t want to reject the poor guy! But I also don’t want to give him the wrong idea.

Oooookay, guys, I had fun with this one. Mostly because I’m kind of a worrywart and have over-thought too many of these scenarios myself. 😉 What do you say about these 15 dilemmas?

Better yet, what OTHER awkward scenarios have you found yourself in on a date as a Christian? The possibilities really are endless and I think I speak for all of us when I say we’d love to cringe at your stories. 😊

Awkward Scenarios Christians Face On Dates

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Awkward Scenarios Christians Face On Dates

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