34 of the Best Kris Vallotton Quotes

34 of the Best Kris Vallotton Quotes | Millennials with Meaning
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Last week, I shared 34 of my favorite Bill Johnson quotes from my year at BSSM. This week, I have a list of my favorite quotes from Kris Vallotton!

  1. “Whoever God is to you, he will be through you.”
  2. “I propose that if you believe you’re a sinner, you’ll sin by faith.”
  3. “You are never going to let someone love you more than you love you, so if you don’t love you, you are definitely not going to let somebody love you.”
  4. “Courage is fear that said its prayers.”
  5. “You become like the one you worship.”
  6. “An idol is anything you trust more than you trust God, or anything you have to check with before you say yes to God.”
  7. “If your friends lied to you as often as your feelings, you probably wouldn’t let them come around.”
  8. “There is no victory without a battle, no testimony without a test and no miracle without an impossible circumstance.”
  9. “The difference between noble people and virtue-less people isn’t that they aren’t both tempted. The difference is what they do with their temptation.”
  10. “God is more interested in who you are than what you do.”
  11. “There is no such thing as love without conviction. Love is loyal, therefore disloyalty brings conviction. Love is pure, therefore impurity brings conviction. Love tells the truth, therefore lying brings conviction. Love always hopes, so hopelessness brings conviction. I must love you more than my convictions, but I can’t love you instead of my convictions.”
  12. “Until you find your people, you can’t find your destiny.”
  13. “You become what the most important person in your life thinks of you. If the most important person in your life is God, you become what you think God thinks of you.”
  14. “It is only after we have faced the devil alone in the wilderness, believed God and won our personal victory that the Lord can trust us with any kind of public promotion.”
  15. “Crowds don’t change history. People change history.”
  16. “Any doctrine that takes away your future and hope is rooted in the wrong god.”
  17. “If you have a relationship that doesn’t have a sacrifice, you don’t have a covenant relationship.”
  18. “We judge ourselves by intention, and we judge other people by their actions.”
  19. “If you can control your mind, then you can control your mouth. If you can control your mouth, you can control your actions. If you can control your actions, you can control your personhood. If you can control your personhood, you’ll build character and if you build character, you’ll be a godly person.”
  20. “If you’re not afraid once in a while, you’re not doing anything worth doing.”
  21. “Conviction says, ‘You are way too awesome to act like that.’”
  22. “The more you love someone, the more you fear they’ll reject you.”
  23. “Feelings are great servants but terrible masters.”
  24. “Your personal victory becomes a corporate breakthrough.”
  25. “If God’s not shaping you, someone else is shaping you.”
  26. “There’s a huge difference between cohabiting and marriage. Marriage, says, ‘I’ve come here to lay down my life for you. I’ve come to die.’ And cohabiting says, ‘I’m in this for what I can get.’”
  27. “What you think about the end has everything to do with how you live in the middle.”
  28. “Nobody enjoys being misunderstood, but anyone who does anything great will be.”
  29. “The dogs of doom always lie waiting at the doors of our destiny. Between God’s promises in our life and the palace of our divine purpose is always the process that molds us into the person we need to be to stay seated in the palace.”
  30. “When God promotes you, He protects you.”
  31. “How do you have a great marriage? Do what you do when you feel like it when you don’t.”
  32. “Don’t pray for patience. Pray for love. It’s love that’s patient.”
  33. “Peace that happens at the expense of morality is not worth having.”
  34. “He didn’t put the devil on the planet to torment you. He put you on the planet to torment him.”
34 of the Best Kris Vallotton Quotes | Millennials with Meaning
34 of the Best Kris Vallotton Quotes

34 of the Best Bill Johnson Quotes

34 of the Best Kris Vallotton Quotes


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